December 21, 2015

Client Upload

Here are some tips for getting your print-ready files and artwork to us.

  • We suggest that all files are compressed using a .zip or .sit extension to avoid any cross platform issues and reduce file size.
  • Please avoid using longer file names and avoid using spaces in the file name.
    (i.e. use “ClientNameBrochure.pdf” as opposed to “Client Name Brochure 8.5×11 Final.pdf”

Sending Files

To send your artwork to All Services Graphics, you can simply email all files less than 20 megabytes to

Sharing Files

To send larger files use one of these file sharing services. Most have free versions.
Please share to




Apple iCloud

Google Drive

Microsoft One Drive


FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a simple way to move files from your device to our server.
You will need an application, called an FTP Client.


Download Filezilla, a free FTP Client we prefer at

Choose the version of FileZilla based on what platform you work on.
Install and launch.



Open Filezilla—and add these credentials to connect to our server.

Username (Your sales rep will provide this)
Password (Your sales rep will provide this)
Port: 21 (unless your IT instructs you to use a different port)

Click Quick Connect.
This will bookmark or save the settings for all this info. Next time, you can srcoll to the folder and not have to type all of that again to more quickly use FTP.


Move Files

Files on the left of the screen are on your computer. The files on the right are on our FTP server. You can add files to our FTP server by dragging them from the left and dropping them on the right. Please follow the guidelines noted above when compressing and naming your files.

Need help? Please contact All Service Graphics prepress department at 321.255.2119